Sweating Hair Gel: A message to the men of Mexico

20 Sep



Men of Mexico:  Stop putting this toxic substance into your hair!!  You would be so much more attractive without it!!  It is not flattering at all!!  Sorry for the rant, but I must say that the men here are using an extremely excessive amout of goo, gel, cream, and other greasy nonsense in their hair.  Rather then making them into the slick, macho man they think it does, what this gelatinous substance really does is make them look like they haven’t showered in … oh… about a year. Any added volume and style they may be getting is greatly over shadowed by the fact that it looks like they just dumped their head in a bucket of lard.  Oh, and in fact, they probably did.

not attractive.

not attractive.

But it gets worse.  Some of the main ingredients in hair gel products include such fabulous things as Glycol Stearate– a special fatty acid derivative.  Yes- pile it on boys!!!  One of my friends told me he was once in a jam-packed, sweaty metro car surrounded by gel heads and said they were literaly sweating gel.  That’s right, sweating gel!  Now, all this gel can not be good for your hair.  In fact, some people think that it can even cause premature balding and excessive hair loss.  Hmm… perhaps all that alcohol and pig fat isn’t the best thing to be rubbing into your scalp every day (and for many Mexicans, twice or three times a day).



3 Responses to “Sweating Hair Gel: A message to the men of Mexico”

  1. ISELA November 25, 2008 at 7:34 pm #

    JA!! QUE RISA!!

    • Random2445 August 3, 2011 at 10:08 pm #

      But does it ACTUALLY cause those things? When I was using hair gel daily, as much as twice a day even, i was always getting compliments like “your hair grows REALLY fast.” thats my two cents

  2. lo October 22, 2011 at 6:32 am #

    thats funny and you are so right i hate guys with gel it looks really bad, its gross and tacky, i dont know why they think that makes them look good, please guys stop putting that thing in your head

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