Las noticias…

2 Oct
Hmm.... what could be in there?

Hmm.... what could be in there?

About a month ago, I started reading the newspapers here in Mexico.  I have a pretty long commute (see previous post), so that is kind of how it began, but let me tell you, it has been a fascinating experience.  Today, for example, I’m having a hard time deciding which is my favorite story- the barrels of bodies cooked in acid or the 6 year-old kids that have class in a local bar.

Let’s start with these mysterious barrels that turned up outside a seafood restaraunt in Tiujana yesterday.  They were certainly suspicious, smelled pretty funny, and were most likely full of human remains that had been “cooked” in acid.  The icing on the cake, however, was the handwritten note that was ductaped to the side of one of the barrels.  Loosely translated, it stated: “This is what happens to friends of the engineer, we are going to make you into Pozole.”  Now, this quote requires some background info to fully appreciate and understand.  First of all, “the engineer” is the leader of one of the many cartels that exist in Mexico.  And Pozole?  A delicious, traditional Mexican soup.  Something tells me the pozole the narcos are cooking up isn’t so delicious though…

My other favorite story of the day was actually on the front cover of Reforma, one of the most important newspapers here in Mexico City.  The headline reads… “They go the Cantina to take…. Classes!!”  (Again, some background is needed, because in Spanish to take also means to drink.)  Apparently, as a result of this massive teachers strike in nearby Cuernavaca, many of the teachers who still want to teach have been holding classes regardless, in whatever building is available to them.  And what better place to instill proper values in the youth of Mexico then, you guessed it, a Cantina!  While many of us may very well have learned more in a bar then we did in the classroom, I think that 6 years old is a bit too early to start…. Gotta love the Mexican noticias!!

Would a little whiskey help you understand that equation?

Would a little whiskey help you understand that equation?


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