5 Mil Muertos

3 Dec
another hour in Mexico, another death in the drug war

another hour in Mexico, another death in the drug war

The official death count this year alone due to drug violence has surpassed 5,000, according to an article in El Universal.  This number breaks all previous records and represents an average of 24 deaths per day, or a death every hour in the president’s ongoing war against organized crime.  The numbers are rising faster then ever before, and while the first thousand deaths took 113 days to accumulate, these last 1000 deaths (that changed the toll from 4,ooo to 5,ooo) were recorded in just 42 days.

In the face of such sobering news, I can’t help but ask myself how many more people must die in order to stop the corruption and organized crime that has become such an intrinsic part of Mexican society.  And I also worry that the violence, which thus far has remained concentrated in northern states close to the border, will begin to affect people like me in places like Mexico City.  And yet, the biggest question of all I find myself asking is just how effective is this war?  Are all these deaths in vain, or will the government eventually be able to take on the narcos?  After watching an airplane with Mexico’s second-in-command crash into rush hour traffic in downtown Mexico City, I can’t help but picture a David and Goliath like scenario.  It seems like the narco giants of Mexico have an unrelenting grip on power, and try as it might, the Mexican government just can’t win, even 5,000 deaths later.


One Response to “5 Mil Muertos”

  1. Rodrigo December 4, 2008 at 6:58 am #

    Actually, it’s more like a drug cartel war, when the president was from PRI they were payed by all cartels so the goverment wouldn’t mess with them, now the PAN goverment has a official cartel so they are screwing around all other cartels, I won’t go into details but my point is that is not fair that so many innocent (and a bunch of not so innocent) people is dying just because the goverment can’t commit to end once and for all with this mafia, there is a lot of corruption at all levels, gov, police, army, even the church is included so I think we are already starting to suffer the concequences here in Mexico City, the pirate cd’s and dvd’s are now controlled by narcos, so is the kidnapping, the way things are right now it’s going to be impossible to live here a couple of years from now, and I don’t mean this City exclusively but the entire country, 5000 death people, and that’s just what we find out in papers, I’m sure is much more than that, god help us!!

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