De que es tu mochila?

28 Feb

What’s your backpack of?  The other day in the bus back from school I had a very interesting conversation with this adorable little girl.  She was showing me her winne-the-pooh shirt, her pink flowery jacket, and, of course, her tweety bird backpack.  She also showed me a star she had found on the ground and told me her mom was going to buy her a gelatina de fresa- a strawberry jello, quite the popular snack in this country.  Then she started asking me questions, such as where was my backpack and what was it of.  I realized just how boring I had become, leaving the innocence of childhood behind for my black bag that wasn’t even a backpack.  Where was tweety bird in my life?  Then I fondly remembered my scooby doo lunchbox and all was well.  Once upon a time, I was cool too.



One Response to “De que es tu mochila?”

  1. Jorge September 16, 2009 at 3:48 am #

    well well

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