La coleccion Jumex

20 May


In a gritty industrial zone called Ecatapec, 45 minutes outside of Mexico City, hidden within the bowels of an unassuming juice factory, sits the largest private contemporary art exhibit in Latin America.  The Jumex Collection features heavy-hitting contemporaries such as Duchamp and Jeff Koons and fresh local talent such as Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco.

Every few months an international curator is invited to design a new exhibit from the collection, showcasing several of the unique and memorable pieces in a fresh way.  The pieces are selected along a common theme, such as “history of the ready made” or the latest exhibit,  “nothingness and being”.

To celebrate the opening of every new exhibit, the owner throws a Jay Gatsby worthy fiesta with lots of movers and shakers from the Mexico City elite.  Everyone is there to enjoy the art, of course, but also to take part in the debauchery.


And debauchery it is.  Guests enjoy an open bar worthy of the gods with deluxe martinis handcrafted from Jumex juices, ginger, raspberries, and other fresh ingredients.  There is also a gourmet buffet, live music, performance art and skits, and lots of free juice on hand.

Oh yeah… and there was art.  Lots of art.


Visiting details:  The Jumex Collection is open to the public by appointment only; admission is free.  Besides enjoying the exhibit, you can also visit the library and the reading room on site.

Phone: +52 55 5699 1961


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