Daily Dose of Inspiration

16 Oct

Lagunita-Palofitas-Casa 060

I’ll admit, my job can be extremely stressful.  Trying to organize local business people and combat problems like the massive amounts of garbage that wash up on the beach, the high levels of crime, etc etc … well it all gets to me and keeps me awake at night.  Yet a few days ago I visited this local restaurant up the river to collect information and include them in the website I’m helping to create.  It’s a family-run place and these guys would directly benefit if more people started to come to eat at their Grandma’s place.  So every time I want to give up and hop on the next plane home, I think about people like them and their smiling faces, and I know I can handle one more day in the jungle.

What is your daily inspiration?  What helps you get through the tough days and make it all worthwhile?


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