Am I over traveling?

8 Nov

Rio Dulce-Cruise Ship Port-Meeting-Beach 027

I’ve ridden in chicken buses, tuk-tuks, cattle trucks, and motos all over the world.  I’ve stayed in bungalows on the ocean, shotgun shacks, mud-brick huts, and even 5-star hotels.  Yet lately, all I want to do is go home for Christmas.  I have met so many people while traveling who don’t talk to their family, who have been living out of the country for years, who never want to go back home.  From the English guy who owns the backpacker hostel to the French girl who sells jewelry in the street to the Chilean guy who runs the Library next door, I constantly see these people living so far from their family and friends who have been here for so many years.  And I can’t help but think- that is the last thing I want!

laura angkor wat small

Don’t get me wrong- I love traveling.  I’ve seen so much, and learned so much, and grown so much as a person.  But I just think that before I hop on another plane out of the country, I’d like a little stability in my life.  I don’t know what form that will take or where I will end up, but this morning when I had to rouse myself out of bed early to catch yet another boat ride, all I wanted was to curl up in bed with a big New York Times and have a lazy Sunday.  Instead I found myself hopping on a public boat full of locals and zipping across the ocean for a trip to Belize.

Belize Keys 031

While I love where I live and my job is interesting and challenging, the last thing I want is to be sent to another backwater village in the remote wilderness for another few months.  In fact, I’d rather work at a chocolate store for the Holiday season and spend time with my family and friends.  I have a few more weeks to stick it out here in the jungle, and I’m just trying to soak up as much possible, see as much as possible, and enjoy Guatemala.  Yet I also dream at night of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Nelson County, and breathing in the crisp mountain air of my hometown.

I know I will never really stop traveling, or learning new things, new cultures, or new languages. But I also know that I would like to establish some kind of a home before I leave again.  I’m ready to unpack some boxes, buy some stuff from Ikea, and maybe even have a regular job.  What kind of job, where I’ll live, and all the other details are still up in the air.  But at least I’ve figured something out during my time here in the jungle.


2 Responses to “Am I over traveling?”

  1. mom November 10, 2009 at 3:24 pm #

    Hi Laura, that was really beautiful and makes my heart feel good that you miss home. we all miss you. see you soon, love, mom
    Mariano says hi!


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    […] written earlier about my mid-twenties crisis, and my desire for a little more stability and a little less traveling, and I have to say that I’m very tempted to start applying for office jobs in DC.  But after […]

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