A weekend in Honduras!

24 Nov

In Honduras, cowboy hats and machetes are required attire for men.  In fact, if you’re not packing a leather case with fringe slung across your back for your machete, you might as well not be masculine.  While I was only in Honduras for 2 nights and 1.5 days, I loved soaking up the machismo, eating baleadas, and chilling with some really cool American girls who are spending a year volunteering at an orphanage (including one who I met a year ago in Cuernavaca, Mexico!).

Although my short visit was not enough time to really appreciate all the nuances of Honduran culture (the name of the country, after all, means depths, so you really need to dive in to understand the place), I feel like I got a pretty good taste of it.  My visit happened to be on a day when the “recently qualified for the world cup” Honduras soccer team was playing a friendly match against Lithuania.  Lithuania?  Really?  But this unimportant scrimmage warranted shutting down the main street in town, putting up a big screen projector, and hosting a street party while airing the game.  I loved it.  The only other place I’ve felt such a burning national  passion for soccer is Argentina.

And yes, just in case you’re wondering- Honduras won and an impromptu disco party went on till all the men were falling on top of each other in drunken stupors.



Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Latin America, and the contrast between Honduras and Guatemala was striking.  While I often think infrastructure in Guatemala is bad, I was thanking my lucky stars when I returned to my peaceful village by the sea in Livingston.  Honduras lacks a lot of things I take for granted here- paved roads, hospitals, milk and cheese, regular power, etc.  While Guatemala is certainly third world, it is also supported by an incredible tourism industry and, as such, is much better off then it’s Southern neighbor who is currently struggling to recover from a political crisis.


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