Life on the Tequila Trail

27 Feb

Deep in the heart of the Central Highlands of Mexico lies a mystical land called Jalisco.  Often overlooked by tourists for more popular states such as Oaxaca or Chiapas, Jalisco is bursting with authentic Mexican culture, surreal desert sunsets, and fields of Agave (the plant used to make Tequila).  The marketing slogan of the Jalisco Tourism Board is “Jalisco es Mexico,” and it does indeed ring true.  Everything you ever thought Mexico was –the sombreros, the cactus, the tequila, the mariachi– comes from this one incredible state.

rows of agave

Just an hour from the cosmopolitan city of Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco, lies a little town called Tequila.  While the actual origin of Tequila liquor is hotly contested, the town of Tequila prides itself on its unique history, and is home not only to some tequila-themed museums but also to several large distilleries.  Surrounded by endless fields of agave plants and mountains that simmer in the midday sun, Tequila is a quaint and quirky peublo and well worth a visit.

the streets of Tequila

I left the blizzards of Virginia to visit Tequila as a part of an Inter-American Development Bank project to help small and medium-sized hotels gain access to the global market.  Although I have been working too much to truly enjoy all the tequila floating around, I am hoping I get the chance to tour a distillery in my last few days here and learn more about the tequila making process from the experts.   After Tequila, I’m off to visit some old friends in Mexico City and then take a shameless vacation at Playa del Carmen, so stay tuned for more updates from my annual “Tour de Mexico.”  And taco stand workers everywhere- brace yourself because I’m coming your way!

waiting to be cooked into Tequila


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