El Desayuno Mexicano

15 Mar

In most countries I’ve been to breakfast is no big deal, and usually consists of something super light and easy like fruit with yogurt, cereal, or some toast and coffee.  In Mexico, however, el desayuno is a pretty big deal and usually a pretty hearty meal, especially considering the next meal, la comida, won’t come until 3 or 4.  At first I didn’t like the idea of eating such heavy food in the morning, but I have since embraced Mexican-style breakfasts and come to love them.

A typical breakfast is served with coffee, juice, fruit, and bread or tortillas, along with the main dish.  Although egg dishes are common and come served in a variety of fascinating ways (divorciados, rancheros, mexicanos, etc.), Chilaquiles are by far my favorite breakfast dish.  Chilaquiles are lightly fried corn tortillas that are doused with salsa (either red or green), and usually topped with crumbled cheese, crema, and chicken or eggs.  The first time I was served them I couldn’t fathom eating such heavy food at 7am, but now I love Chilaquiles with a passion and there is nothing I enjoy more then waking up on a lazy Sunday, wandering out my door, and sitting down to a piping hot plate of delicious Chilaquiles and some fresh squeezed OJ.


One Response to “El Desayuno Mexicano”

  1. ana carolina March 16, 2010 at 8:35 pm #

    mmmm..que ricooo!!!

    te mando un beso, ana!

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