Weeping in the rain

11 May

I worry about the rainy season.  What will happen when the camps flood?  What will happen when the drains and latrines overflow and the streets are full of human waste?  I feel as though most of the immediate needs have been taken care of –people have been rescued from the rubble, the streets have been cleared, tents are being provided and temporary camps have gone up—yet I also feel like a second disaster is brewing beneath the surface.  The risk for the spread of disease is huge here, especially for waterborne illnesses and parasites, and many of the NGO’s who came in earlier this year are pulling up and leaving when they may be needed most in the coming months.  I look out across rows of tents in flat fields, and I can easily imagine the camp being washed away in the first few heavy rains.  There is an IDP camp right near our base, and during the first big rain here, some of the volunteers could hear the people in the camp weeping.


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