Exploring my own backyard

15 Jun

As a constant nomad who is always seeking out the next big adventure, I have to admit that I’ve been feeling pretty trapped in small-town America lately.  My new philosophy, however, is to stop being discouraged by my lack of mobility and lack of a vehicle and to start exploring my very own backyard.  Last night, as the sun started to set and the balmy southern night begun, my good friend M and I pedaled off down the road on our bikes in search of the river.  While the fireflies started to come out and the heat dissipated with the fading sun, we discovered a beautiful little path that wound along the river and through the woods yet was just minutes from downtown.

After our leisurely ride we headed over to a local tapas joint for some mussels, which we savored with a glass of white wine and some fabulous conversation.  When we finished with dinner, we carried our bikes across the railroad tracks and headed down a dirt road I never knew existed, with only the flickering fireflies lighting our way.  I wonder what other hidden places I can find in this provincial town, and I’m eager to spend my summer exploring them.

Photo by Bill Emory


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