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Getting away from it all…

4 Oct

Belize Keys 011

Imagine sailing across the ocean, with nothing as far as the eyes can see except blue horizon and the endless sea.  After hours of cutting through the waves, tiny dots finally pop up in the distance, and slowly take the shape of palm tree covered islands, ringed with white sand and surrounded by water so blue it hurts.

You are miles from anything, there is no electricity, no cell phone service, and you are lucky to find running water.  Welcome to the Sapodilla Cayes Marine Park of Belize, a protected area comprising a few scruffy islands and miles of untouched coral reefs teaming with life below the surface.

Belize Keys 021

The first day we went snorkeling, and I jumped into the water and found myself, quite literally, on top of a Sting Ray.  We glided along together for a few minutes, and I was mesmerized by his fluttering, graceful slide through the water.  Before I came to my senses and realized how dangerous he could potentially be, he had already swum off into the murky depths and I resumed my leisurely paddling.

The next morning, we were supposed to go see a ship wreck that I had been dreaming about for a week.  Yet I awoke in a feverish haze, felt sick to my stomach, and promptly fell asleep under a palm tree.  The group left me to rest it out, and I woke up in a sweaty delirium realizing, to my great delight, that I was the only person on the entire island.   Even though my fever and body aches made for a miserable day, I can’t help but think that, truth be told, I was really quite lucky.  How often do you get to have your very own island for the day and not pay a dime?

Belize Keys 050

So long paradise, I’ll be back soon.  That ship wreck and I have a date and I plan to keep it, denguesque fever be damned.