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Cuernavaca: Weekend Playground for the rich DFeños

10 Nov

This weekend I had the pleasure of going to Cuernavaca with a friend who is updating a guidebook for Mexico.  Cuernavaca, the city of eternal spring, is the destination for wealthy DFeños who want to escape from the madness for a few days.  About two hours south of Mexico City and at a much lower elevation, it has been a popular weekend hotspot since the days of Cortez and Maximiliano, who both built their pleasure palaces here.  We probably saw more DF license plates then we did Morelos.  Because this guidebook is directed towards travelers who can afford to stay at luxury hotels (unlike the backpacker guidebook I tend to use, The Lonely Planet), we happened to visit most of the nicest places around town.

the grounds at Las Mañanitas

the grounds at Las Mañanitas

The thing about Cuernavaca is that from the outside, it looks just like any other gritty mid-sized city in Mexico.  Yet once you step behind the walls (and past the security guards), you enter into another world.  At one place, Las Mañanitas, we found ourselves surrounded by gente bien sipping cocktails on an elaborate lawn, with exotic birds like toucans and peacocks roaming about.  I could almost picture Elizabeth Taylor stepping out from behind the fountain holding a martini.

And yet, on the other side of the wall, we had just watched an old women crawling on her hands and knees begging for spare change.  As I always say, only in Mexico.