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Saying Goodbye… again…

28 Nov

I caught this girl watching the storm come in the other day

During my last few days in Livingston, there were storms brewing, rain falling, and great thunder clouds rolling in.  I was leaving again, saying goodbyes, having my “last this” and my “last that.”  The dark clouds perfectly reflected my lugubrious mood and my anxiety over my future.  It felt like my last week in Mexico all over again (or my last week in Thailand or my last week in Argentina or my last week in California).  While I was only in Livingston for three months, and I was in Mexico for 14, it was still hard saying goodbye to all my friends.  I feel like in many ways the past few years have been a plethora of farewells, despedidas, and plane rides.

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Photo of the Day

25 Nov

Taken at the Hibiscus restaurant in Puerto Barrios.  I love old typewriters!

Bird Watching

22 Nov

A few days ago I got to go on a bird watching trip with a really professional guide at a beautiful river lodge right on the Belize border.  As with much of the incredible experiences I’ve had here, it was a mixture of pure luck and tenacity on my part, and it was definitely something I’ll never forget.  I usually write off “birders,” as they call themselves, as being a bit crazy, and I have to admit that I wasn’t thrilled at the idea of going “birding” for two days in the jungle.  And yet, after my first real sighting of a rare species through my binoculars, I was hooked.

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Am I over traveling?

8 Nov

Rio Dulce-Cruise Ship Port-Meeting-Beach 027

I’ve ridden in chicken buses, tuk-tuks, cattle trucks, and motos all over the world.  I’ve stayed in bungalows on the ocean, shotgun shacks, mud-brick huts, and even 5-star hotels.  Yet lately, all I want to do is go home for Christmas.  I have met so many people while traveling who don’t talk to their family, who have been living out of the country for years, who never want to go back home.  From the English guy who owns the backpacker hostel to the French girl who sells jewelry in the street to the Chilean guy who runs the Library next door, I constantly see these people living so far from their family and friends who have been here for so many years.  And I can’t help but think- that is the last thing I want!

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A girl can dream…

22 Oct

Sand Bay-Jardin Botanico-Vinas del Lago-Salvador Gaviota-Playa 022

Caught this cutie playing with her dolls on the beach the other day.  She was adorable and just enjoying her afternoon like all children should- playing with her toys.  Unfortunately, for too many children around the world playing and toys are luxuries they simply can’t afford.

Sand Bay-Jardin Botanico-Vinas del Lago-Salvador Gaviota-Playa 030

Walking home that very same afternoon, I watched a young boy trudge up the coast carrying a heavy load on his back.  He wasn’t enjoying his afternoon- he was working, as so many poor children around the world have to in order to survive.

I dream of the day all children can play.

Daily Dose of Inspiration

16 Oct

Lagunita-Palofitas-Casa 060

I’ll admit, my job can be extremely stressful.  Trying to organize local business people and combat problems like the massive amounts of garbage that wash up on the beach, the high levels of crime, etc etc … well it all gets to me and keeps me awake at night.  Yet a few days ago I visited this local restaurant up the river to collect information and include them in the website I’m helping to create.  It’s a family-run place and these guys would directly benefit if more people started to come to eat at their Grandma’s place.  So every time I want to give up and hop on the next plane home, I think about people like them and their smiling faces, and I know I can handle one more day in the jungle.

What is your daily inspiration?  What helps you get through the tough days and make it all worthwhile?

The Green Caribbean

13 Oct

Lagunita-Palofitas-Casa 056

Izabal, the region where I work, has more protected areas than any other region in Guatemala.  Called the Caribe Verde, or the Green Caribbean, it abounds with breathtaking scenery as far as the eye can see. Part river, part bay, part jungle, and part ocean, Izabal is a unique area teaming with wildlife and inhabited by a diverse mixture of cultures.  Yet just how protected these areas truly are is up for debate.  The government lacks proper resources to ensure that these massive sections of jungle are protected from threats such as deforestation, slash-and-burn farming, and poaching of endangered species.

These threats, combined with an increasing number of tourists who come traipsing through the wildnerness and zooming up the river in motorboats has created a problematic vision of the future and only serve to highlight the importance of creating conservation awareness and fostering environmental education now before it’s too late.

Lagunita-Palofitas-Casa 020