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High Heels in the Jungle

29 Oct

I dream about wearing classy boots with a cute pea coat, hot stilettos with a mini skirt, or peep toe heels with a little black dress.  I fantasize about slipping into a classy pair of heels, putting on some bright red lipstick, and slipping out the door for a night on the town.

41TIsgrXZlL._SS400_Unfortunately, dreams of fancy heels and cute dresses are lost in the mud that surrounds me.  I live in the jungle, and even though I might love dressing up and sipping martinis, the reality of my current life involves flip flops, lots of sweat, and a simple summer dress or cut offs.  There are small things I can do to make myself feel more beautiful, like wearing a pair of cute earrings or throwing on some mascara, but the reality is that I’m pretty much a wreck (and a very sweaty wreck at that) most of the time.  I wonder if I’m cut out to live like this much longer, but I also wonder at what point did I turn into such a cosmopolitan girl?

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