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Am I over traveling?

8 Nov

Rio Dulce-Cruise Ship Port-Meeting-Beach 027

I’ve ridden in chicken buses, tuk-tuks, cattle trucks, and motos all over the world.  I’ve stayed in bungalows on the ocean, shotgun shacks, mud-brick huts, and even 5-star hotels.  Yet lately, all I want to do is go home for Christmas.  I have met so many people while traveling who don’t talk to their family, who have been living out of the country for years, who never want to go back home.  From the English guy who owns the backpacker hostel to the French girl who sells jewelry in the street to the Chilean guy who runs the Library next door, I constantly see these people living so far from their family and friends who have been here for so many years.  And I can’t help but think- that is the last thing I want!

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