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The Bucket List

16 Oct

“What do you want to do before you die?”

It’s a simple question, but sometimes I wonder how many people really have a good answer for it.  I have a million responses, and my journals are bursting at the seams with list upon list of things I want to do, places I want to go, dreams I want to fulfill, and languages I want to learn. But there is one list I always go back to.

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A million shades of green

12 Oct

In the sea of gray and drab concrete I live in, I sometimes forget just how bright and vivid colors can be, especially the color green.  In Asia, the color green takes on a whole new meaning, and rice paddies glisten like jewels laid out across the plains.

I took this picture while I was biking across Laos with two of my girlfriends, but the rice paddies were just as beautiful everywhere I went in Asia- Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Burma.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my travels in South East Asia.  It was such a magical time in my life, where all the possibilities in the world loomed on the horizon and I was drunk on my youth and zeal for life.  I hope I can rediscover that feeling.

If you’re not changing the world….

9 Oct

What are you doing?

Life on the Edge

2 Aug
standing on a cliff in Tulum

standing on a cliff in Tulum

For the past several years, I feel like been walking on the edge of a cliff, straddling possibilities for the future and bracing myself against what sometimes seems like an inevitable plunge into the abyss.  At times this feeling is thrilling, and the adrenaline of complete freedom from responsibilities courses through my veins as I hop on another plane to another faraway land for yet another adventure.  But more often then not, this feeling is terrifying.  Mostly, it hits me when I return home from one of my trips, and I realize that I am broke, unemployed, and homeless.

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Re-Entry and Reflections

27 May

Photos provided by HODR

So here I sit, at a coffee shop in small-town America.  It is 90 degrees outside, but I’m not sweating because the AC is on full-blast.  I am drinking an iced coffee and using a super fast internet connection.  If I wanted to, I could even spend some extra money and buy a pumpkin square.  When I walk out the door I will not have to worry about my safety or aftershocks or hurricane flooding or malaria or even where I will eat my next meal.  Welcome to America, the land of plenty. Welcome home?

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Paradise, Found

16 Mar

There are some places in the world were words can not convey their beauty and the magic of being there. Tulum is one of those places.  I could write forever about the million shades of blue in the water, the perfect white sand that stretches for miles in either direction, the palm trees blowing in the wind, the gorgeous boutique hotels and cabanas that line the beach…. but what I really want to do is just show you how amazing this place is.

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A girl can dream…

22 Oct

Sand Bay-Jardin Botanico-Vinas del Lago-Salvador Gaviota-Playa 022

Caught this cutie playing with her dolls on the beach the other day.  She was adorable and just enjoying her afternoon like all children should- playing with her toys.  Unfortunately, for too many children around the world playing and toys are luxuries they simply can’t afford.

Sand Bay-Jardin Botanico-Vinas del Lago-Salvador Gaviota-Playa 030

Walking home that very same afternoon, I watched a young boy trudge up the coast carrying a heavy load on his back.  He wasn’t enjoying his afternoon- he was working, as so many poor children around the world have to in order to survive.

I dream of the day all children can play.