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Turning Japanese

22 Jul

I never thought I would learn so much about Japan in Mexico City! This week I started classes at my new Spanish school, Academia Hispana. It is right up the road from my house, on my street (Chihuahua street). This Spanish school has been in existence for over 14 years and is really fabulous. The fascinating thing about it is that almost all of the students are Japanese. Today a Korean came into my class but he is the only non-Japanese student I’ve seen so far.

I really love learning about Japanese culture since it has always intrigued me. In conversation class we were reading an article about stress and the symptoms that result from high stress. Almost all of the students had suffered one or more of the symptoms- ulcers, migraines, anxiety, etc. They tell me that in Japan life is very stressful and that many people commit suicide rather then face the constant pressure. There are even websites to find suicide partners or groups.

Almost all the Japanese who come to Mexico love it because, as they tell me, life is so much funner here. They talk about how friendly the people are and how relaxed everyone is about everything. This is very true, but I still find Mexico City to be a taxing place to live. On Wednesday I was invited to a traditional Japanese meal with some of my new friends from school and I can’t wait. Sushi in Mexico City? Who knew!