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Simply Amazing

26 Oct

Rio Dulce-Cruise Ship Port-Meeting-Beach 006

I don’t really want to ruin these images with words, but I will just say that this was a bizarre effect I witnessed while riding a boat back to my hotel in Rio Dulce a few days ago.  Like so many things I witness here, it was incredibly beautiful.  Half the sky was pink and the other half was blue, and this was reflected in the water.  Amazing.

Rio Dulce-Cruise Ship Port-Meeting-Beach 013


Pirate’s Cove

23 Oct

Castle San Felipe-Sun Dog- Casa Perico 021

Arrrr!!!  Shiver me timbers!!!!  They’ve got cannons this time, all hands on deck you swashbuckling fools!  As I peered out from behind the cannons at the Castillo de San Felipe, overlooking the vast Lago Izabal and the mouth of Rio Dulce, I could picture the pirates shaking in their boots.  The castle, built in the early 1600’s to protect Spanish royalty and strongholds from the marauding pirates of the Caribbean, was attacked multiple times and yet still remains standing as a monument to the old days of glory when the seas were lawless and the men of honor had legs of wood and one eye.


Some of the infamous pirates included Carefull and William Jackson who had their base of operations on the islands of Guanaja and Roatan, William Parker, known as the plunderer of Santo Domingo and Puerto Bello, and Diego the Mulatto, Lieutenant of “Pegleg” Anthony Shirly. Shirly was a pirate of aristocratic birth, called the Adventurous Gentleman, the Highwayman from Jamaica and Puerto Rico.

Castle San Felipe-Sun Dog- Casa Perico 024

The castle is part of a National Park and is open to the public, and even includes a nice picnic and swimming area for families.  You can climb around the whole castle and explore the old caves, making for quite a dynamic and interactive experience.  My favorite part was the drawbridge- how often do you get to walk across of those and enter a castle?  Now, if only they had a plank I could walk…

Lago Izabal

21 Oct

Sand Bay-Jardin Botanico-Vinas del Lago-Salvador Gaviota-Playa 097

The largest lake in Guatemala, Lago Izabal is a magnificent expanse of water, surrounded by lush jungle and high mountains.  It is beautiful, and the center of one of the most important watersheds in Central America.  Yet it is being polluted at an increasingly alarming rate, and I wonder who will protect this natural beauty for future generations?