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Hobbling about

13 Oct

The day after the marathon finds me lying in bed, cringing every time I move and hobbling about the house.  I’m in some serious pain, but it’s nothing compared to yesterday.  After I finish a marathon (and this was only my third, mind you) I typically am incapable of doing anything for the rest of the day.  Something about running 26.2 miles as fast as you can really does a number on my body.

into the pounding sun on Long Beach

into the pounding sun on Long Beach

So thank god it’s over.  I survived, and I even managed to create a new personal record for myself!  Even though I only beat my best marathon time by 45 seconds, I’m still pretty darn happy with my time.  I started out fast (about 8:30 miles) and then around mile 13 slowed down to a dismal 9:40 per mile pace, but that was still good enough for 4 hours overall.

Now I just have to cut 15 minutes off my time to qualify for Boston, yikes.  I was 12th in my age division and among the top 20% of all finishers.  Now that’s something to be proud of.  Time for a beer!