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25 Sep

My memories of Mexico are painted in bright and vivid hues, dashes of crazy colors swirled together, stacked in neat little piles, splashed across the sky, and cut up in little cubes.   The Mexican aesthetic is beautiful and bright, chaotic yet orderly, surreal yet existing right in front of your eyes, and so very magical.  The devil is in the details in a country like Mexico, and to truly appreciate the essence of the country, you should buy some jicama and watermelon slices tossed with lime juice and chili powder, all prepared right before your eyes.  I can still remember the subtle combination of sweet, salty, tangy, and spicy all in one delicious and crunchy bite, in a beautiful package.  Beauty and creativity in such unexpected and magical ways, and this is just at the corner fruit stand.  Now that is what I call the Mexaesthetic.


Mexican Soul Food

8 Jun

Some of the best Mexican food never appears in America unless it’s in somebody’s kitchen, and I ask myself why all the time.  I no longer live in Mexico, but my mouth waters every time I think about Chiles en Nogada, especially when they are “hecho en casa,” topped with an almond sauce and pomegranate seeds and served with some sangria and a pastel imposible, or an “impossible cake”.

Maybe I’ll just have to start my own Mexican restaurant with a menu full of Mexican soul food.  I’d serve food like Pozole and Cochinita Pibil and drinks like Atole and Agua de Jamaica.  My tortillas would always be made by hand from freshly ground corn masa and my tacos would always be served with queso fresco and never with (horror of horrors!) cheddar cheese.

Paradise, Found

16 Mar

There are some places in the world were words can not convey their beauty and the magic of being there. Tulum is one of those places.  I could write forever about the million shades of blue in the water, the perfect white sand that stretches for miles in either direction, the palm trees blowing in the wind, the gorgeous boutique hotels and cabanas that line the beach…. but what I really want to do is just show you how amazing this place is.

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El Desayuno Mexicano

15 Mar

In most countries I’ve been to breakfast is no big deal, and usually consists of something super light and easy like fruit with yogurt, cereal, or some toast and coffee.  In Mexico, however, el desayuno is a pretty big deal and usually a pretty hearty meal, especially considering the next meal, la comida, won’t come until 3 or 4.  At first I didn’t like the idea of eating such heavy food in the morning, but I have since embraced Mexican-style breakfasts and come to love them.

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The National Sport of Mexico

13 Mar

spectators gather round to watch the national sport

Lucha Libre? Futbol?  Drinking tequila?  No, in fact, the national sport of Mexico is none of the above.  It is charreada, an elaborate Mexican rodeo consisting of nine separately scored events featuring everything from bull riding to cala de caballo, or reining, which is literally where the rider is required to demonstrate mastery of the reins by forcing the horse to “dance” about the ring. There is even an event called  El Paso de la Muerte (literally the pass of death), where the charro rides bareback and attempts to leap from his own horse to the bare back of a wild horse without reins and ride it until it stops bucking.

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Photo of the Day

11 Mar

A lone musician in the streets of San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas

Magical Surrealism

11 Mar

Magical realism is a genre of literature popular with many Latin American authors including many of my favorite authors such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Isabel Allende.  I often think that if you haven’t read some of their novels, you can’t really understand Latin America.  They are beautiful, surreal, and bizarre, and yet if you have ever traveled extensively in Latin America, you begin to understand their style and just how real magic can be in this part of the world.

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