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Paradise, Found

16 Mar

There are some places in the world were words can not convey their beauty and the magic of being there. Tulum is one of those places.  I could write forever about the million shades of blue in the water, the perfect white sand that stretches for miles in either direction, the palm trees blowing in the wind, the gorgeous boutique hotels and cabanas that line the beach…. but what I really want to do is just show you how amazing this place is.

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Rainy Sunday

21 Oct

Sand Bay-Jardin Botanico-Vinas del Lago-Salvador Gaviota-Playa 027

It’s hurricane season around here, and last Sunday was a particularly gloomy day.  The lone King Fisher at the end of this dock seemed to only echo my loneliness, gazing out at the eternal horizon and asking, is this all there is?