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Poetry in Motion

16 Sep

Pulling in the net

On a recent afternoon I watched this couple fishing on the shores of the nearby beach. It was back-breaking labor, the man and woman paddled out to throw their net deep in the water, and then slowly pulled it ashore inch-by-inch, leaning back and using every once of strength to reel in the tangled web.

I wasn't the only one mesmerized

I wasn't the only one mesmerized

It was an everyday act for these two people, and yet I was mesmerized by the simple grace and beauty of their movements. At once adonic and brutal, they pulled hand-over-hand waiting for something to emerge from the deep to provide them with sustenance.

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I was reminded yet again of how far removed Americans tend to be from the food they eat. This couple labored for several back-breaking hours just to cull a few fish and shrimp from the deep, and yet at home I casually stroll down long, air-conditioned aisles searching for Alaskan salmon or Chilean sea-bass, toss it in my cart, and drive home. I wonder how drastically we would change our eating habits if we were forced to produce or gather the food we ate instead of simply buying it?

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