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25 Sep

My memories of Mexico are painted in bright and vivid hues, dashes of crazy colors swirled together, stacked in neat little piles, splashed across the sky, and cut up in little cubes.   The Mexican aesthetic is beautiful and bright, chaotic yet orderly, surreal yet existing right in front of your eyes, and so very magical.  The devil is in the details in a country like Mexico, and to truly appreciate the essence of the country, you should buy some jicama and watermelon slices tossed with lime juice and chili powder, all prepared right before your eyes.  I can still remember the subtle combination of sweet, salty, tangy, and spicy all in one delicious and crunchy bite, in a beautiful package.  Beauty and creativity in such unexpected and magical ways, and this is just at the corner fruit stand.  Now that is what I call the Mexaesthetic.


Chiapas Street Art

18 Jun

Chiapas, the southernmost state in Mexico and home to the zapatista revolution, is an amazing place, rich in natural beauty and indigenous cultures.  I recently traveled there with my father and was awed by the friendly people, breathtaking views, and political graffiti.  San Cristobal de la Casas, a town where we spent several nights and the main hub for tourists in the region, is a picturesque town located high in the mountains and full of crumbling colonial buildings covered in edgy graffiti.  It was the first time in Mexico I have seen graffiti be so political.


Daily Dose of Street Art

8 Jun


This old house, on the corner of Alvaro Obregon and Insurgentes, is one of my all time favorites in the DF.  It’s constantly being covered by a plethora of crazy posters and graffiti which creates the effect of a continuously morphing collage.  Plus, it looks haunted.  And of course, it’s in Roma, the hippest neighborhood in Mexico City and a place I’m proud to call home.


And if all that street art makes you hungry, there’s a pretty good taco stand, sandwhich stand (tortas) and a juice place all right on the corner.  Try the vampiro juice- beets, carrots, and oranges all thrown in the blender right before your eyes.


Open Air Museum

4 Apr


Another reason why I love my hood.  Crumbling colonial mansions and gorgeous, edgy street art like I’ve never seen before.  Who needs NYC?  And did I mention the blue corn quesadillas with pumpkin flowers or papas con chorizo for only 10 pesos (about .70 cents)?  Mexico, you rock my world.

Wish I were Clio…

31 Mar
who is clio?

who is clio?

So I shot this picture a week or so ago in Coyoacan, a funky little colonial neighborhood where Frida Khalo, Trotsky, and Diego Rivero hung out back in the day.  I didn’t notice until close inspection, but the “Te amo Clio” (I love you Clio) graffiti is actually a stencil.  An incredibly well-done stencil, I might add.  So I thought it was cool, and that Clio was a very lucky guy or girl, since somebody obviously put a lot of work into showing how much they care.  But THEN I went to my school, in a completely different part of town about 45 minutes away (Sante Fe for those who care), and there, right outside the door of my school, was the very same stencil all over the place.  Pretty awesome.  Soooo Clio must go to my school.  This narrows it down to like 10,000 people.  Not helpful.  But THEN I went for a run in Condesa, this other funky neighborhood near me with a nice street for running and a park, and what do I see on Amsterdam Street (highly recomended street for all visitors to Mexico City, btw), but the very same Clio stencil, again!  I’ve seen it in a couple other places around town since then, and it keeps blowing my mind.  Clio, whoever you are, wherever you are, you must rock for somebody to love you that much and show it that well.

Sigh…. wish I were Clio.

Spotted on my block

28 Mar
What can I say, I love my hood

What can I say, I love my hood

I have a new camera, so I can finally document all of the fabulous things that keep popping up in La Roma.  This crazy combination of stickers/posters/stencils/graffiti is on the corner of Cordoba and Colima, if you’re interested in checking it out yourself.

the urban wolf

the urban wolf

I heart la Roma

3 Mar
My Roma from my soul

My Roma from my soul

I live in the coolest neighborhood ever.  La colonia Roma, located in the center of the city just south of the zocalo, is full of crumbling colonial mansions, funky cafes, dive bars, and art galleries.  To me, it’s the lower east side (my favorite part of New York), but the gritty, dirty, lower east side from the 80’s, not the gentrified bougey place it is today.  Lately I’ve been fascinated by all the beautiful street art and graffiti I see around the neighborhood, and if my camera hadn’t been stolen I would start posting more pictures.