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Remembering the Amazon

3 Oct

This sunset was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen in my life, and the fact that I was witnessing it as I padeled up the Amazon river in a canoe only made it all the more amazing.  We were somewhere outside of Iquitos, Peru, deep in the jungle, getting ready to travel the whole Amazon river by boat, unsure of what lay ahead and yet so deeply inspired by what we saw around us.  As the sun slowly drifted down across the horizon, the jungle came alive with the sounds of a million forms of life, the stars exploded across the sky, and my heart stopped beating for just a moment as I contemplated just how much beauty exists in the world.

As I try to mentally prepare myself for another long week of work “inside the box,” I’m remembering all the incredible journeys I’ve taken over the years.  My odyssey years, as I call them, appear to be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean I can’t revisit all the memories from my travels.


Simply Amazing

26 Oct

Rio Dulce-Cruise Ship Port-Meeting-Beach 006

I don’t really want to ruin these images with words, but I will just say that this was a bizarre effect I witnessed while riding a boat back to my hotel in Rio Dulce a few days ago.  Like so many things I witness here, it was incredibly beautiful.  Half the sky was pink and the other half was blue, and this was reflected in the water.  Amazing.

Rio Dulce-Cruise Ship Port-Meeting-Beach 013