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9 Jul

Calle Colima, a humble tree-lined street in the heart of Roma Norte, is one of the best places to find hot vintage items, unique designer t-shirts, and blue corn quesadillas. This is why I love my hood, because the senora on my corner still rolls out the tortillas by hand (and at only 10 pesos this is a serious steal) even though hip new boutiques have slowly started to pop up with increasing frequency. Take that, Condechi!


The latest endeavor is Clinica, the atelier of Paola Hernandez, an up and coming young designer who has been called Mexico’s next it girl and whose designs have been featured in Elle and Vougue.  In addition to Clinica, Colima is home to Sicario, Goodbye Folk, U Store, Shelter, and, on the bougey side of Insurgentes, American Apparel.  While it was triste to see a corporate chain popping up in la Roma, at least it’s on the Condesa side of the road, AKA the part of Roma that doesn’t real count as Roma.  On this side of Insurgentes the only big-name brand I’ve seen is Subway (thank god there’s no starbucks yet!).


A good friend of mine and an amazing journalist just made the switch from Condesa to Roma and has blogged about how she’s slowly succumbing to the undeniable charm and hip style that is la Roma.  Ugandanesque power outages and water cutoffs may come with the territory, but so does fabulous street art and my new favorite vintage store ever.